Nonprofit Contracts

U. S. Communities is a nonprofit instrumentality of government that helps public agencies reduce the cost of purchased goods by combining the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide.  This objective is accomplished by competitively soliciting quality products by a single lead public agency and making the resulting contract available to other public agencies nationwide.  U. S. Communities’ founding co-sponsors include the Association of School Business Officials, the National Association of Counties, the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, the National League of Cities and the United State Conference of Mayors.  These founding co-sponsors also serve on the Governing Board.

U. S. Communities is managed and operated in cooperation with nationally recognized public procurement professionals representing many public agencies.

Valley Imaging Solutions has two lines of products on this contract Lanier Office Machines and office furniture through LaCasse Office Furniture Solutions which is a part of the Haworth family.

Who can use U. S. Communities?
Cities – Counties – Schools – Universities – Colleges – Special Districts Boroughs – Towns – Villages – Non-Profits – States plus many others.

Why Use U. S. Communities?
 Competitively solicited contracts by a lead public agency
 Most favorable public sector pricing
 No cost to participate
 Non-exclusive contracts

To find out why over 21,000 participating public agencies in 50 states use U. S. Communities contact us or go on line at


WSCA-NASPO uses a “Lead State” model in issuing cooperative solicitations.  One state leads the procurement, issues the solicitation and awards the contracts based on that state’s statutory requirements and processes.  The Lead State owns and manages the contract(s).  You can find the name of the lead state contact by selecting a contract from the list here.  Other states and many other governmental and eligible entities  have chosen to participate and have followed each entity’s individual statutory processes to provide public notice and permit participation.  If you have questions, contact Paul Stembler (contact information below). 

All governmental entities within a state are eligible to use WSCA-NASPO contracts, if the governmental entity has the legal authority to use their home state’s contracts.  If you are not sure, check with either your home state’s chief procurement official or contact Paul Stembler (contact information below).

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How does my organization join Mohave?

Mohave members must be governmental entities that are political subdivisions for purposes of federal income tax, such as:

  • Public School Districts
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Community Colleges or Universities
  • State Agencies
  • Tribal Government
  • Special Assessment Districts (libraries, irrigation or water districts)
  • Fire Districts

Nonprofit educational or public healthcare institutions may become members, to the extent they are political subdivisions for the purposes of federal income tax or meet the requirements of § 115 of the Internal Revenue Code. If your organization qualifies, complete and return our Cooperative Purchase Agreement.

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Serving churches, ministries, schools, and faith based non-profits since 1987.

Our mission is to help you be more effective and efficient at accomplishing your mission.  

MINISTRYRESOURCE was organized to help ministries with the administrative challenges associated in the purchasing process. MINISTRYRESOURCE started in Virginia with five ministries working as the administrative deacon for each facility, locating and securing professional goods and services at the lowest price.

Today, MINISTRYRESOURCE is the nation’s largest ministry procurement organization partnering nationwide with over 30,000 Mission Partners.

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